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AEROBICISE: The world's most famous aerobic exercise show. 24 Million Dollars in world wide sales. No other exercise video ever came close to the fame and success of AEROBICISE®. People Magazine called AEROBICISE® the sexiest show on TV in 1981. AEROBICISE® is poetry in motion. -ron
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Aerobicise is the world's first aerobic exercise video. Debuting on July 04, 1981 on The Showtime Network and running continuously for four years. Showtime's membership base quadrupled in this period and many of the Showtime executives attributed their success to Aerobicise. In 1982 Orion Entertainment hired Ron Harris (producer and director of Aerobicise) to create the world's first and best legitimate aerobic exercise show. Ron created and directed these shows called "20: Minute Workout" in Toronto Canada. These 95 half hour shows were seen by tens of millions of exercise fanatics world wide for over fifteen years.

See the first pilot of the 20: Minute Workout here: for a free download. Paramount Studios released Aerobicise on Laser Disk, DVD and workout video tape and distributed them for thirteen years. Orion Television released the DVD's of the 20: Minute Workout and distributed them for fifteen years. The rights to all of these shows: Aerobicise and the 20: Minute Workout belong to Ron Harris. The trademark for Aerobicise is also owned by Ron Harris.

The pilot staring Bess Motta as the aerobics instructor is one of the reasons for the 20: Minute Workout's success. Bess Motta's most famous quote is "You're tough you're strong, you do not need to STOP". The 20: Minute workout is a high intensity, high impact series of 95 videos. Nothing works better than high impact aerobics with disco dance music of up to 150 beats per minute. Dance aerobics does not work. If it is a fitness video that you want, we are giving you for FREE the world's best as our gift to you.
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